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Rental income tax

Steven asks:

I have recently bought a home and income property as a first home owner. It has two separate dwellings on the title. I stay in one and rent out the other to help to pay my mortgage. It has a seperate power and water meter. Do I still need to pay tax for the rental income? If so, how do I pay it please? 

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GST for commercial rental

Lee asks:

I am looking at a building that I would propose to have as a mixture of commercial and residential rental.

How would the income be assessed for GST? Would the commercial be GST and the residential No GST? And then - what about the outgoings re rates and repairs, etc in terms of GST claims?



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Tax efficiency for landlord-tenants

Anna asks:

I have moved out of my house and a tenant lives in it. I had to move to find work. Now I am a tenant myself and a landlord. I pay more rent than I collect. I am doing my tax return. How can I make this situation work for me?

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