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Tenants restricting entry

k1evin asks:

I am looking for some advice on a sale of my tenanted property. The tenants have been very unhelpful in allowing access to the real estate agents for viewing and only agreeing to open homes. That I can live with. I have reduced the rent be $50 per week to try and soften the blow of the place being sold on them.

But now they are restricting us to the point where prospective vendors cannot get a building inspection done as they will only allow a 1/2 hour time slot where we need one hour for the inspection. They are now seriously jeopardizing the sale. What rights do I have as a landlord to enforce the visit for building inspections? Am I able to persue them for any lose of sale or reduced sale proceeds due to restricted access for marketing and inspections and etc?

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Over-riding property manager's tenant selection

annie asks:

A fixed term tenant had to leave early and the agent showed someone else through as a potential tenant. I met this person a couple of days ago but I am not happy about renting my property to them. I rang the agent, but she says that I have given her the authority to rent my property so I cannot stop this person from renting it. Surely I have the final say?

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Bond dispute

Jo-Anne asks:

My daughter has vacated a property.

At inspection, the property manager said how clean and tidy property was left and agreed to give bond back.

The next day the owners brother (the owner is overseas) came around and said there was still a small amount of lawn clippings and instructed the property manager not to release the bond.

The property manager agreed with my daughter - re: no more could be lifted without gouging in and digging up the ground creating a huge mess - but could not release the bond.

Also, the previous tenant did some damage.

Nothing was ever said until now (2.5 years later) and the property manager expects my daughter to pay for the damage done by the previous tenant. (It was noted at the property manager agency that the damage was done before my daughter moved in).

Can she do this?

The owners said the property manager emailed them to say the lawn clipping issue was put in a letter to my daughter. But we have a text from the property manager to my daughter saying the lawn clipping issue should have been the responsibility of previous tenant. Is this a code of conduct issue - re: dishonesty to owner and tenant?

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