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Tenancy termination negotiations

Ray asks:

I need to move back into my home that I have been renting out. I anticipated using the 42 day rule. However, I have just been told that the latest tenant was given a two year fixed term contract by a staff member of the property management agency I employ. That person has since left the company. I am being told that I need to reach an agreement with the tenant. What happens if this involves me in costs? I didn't authorise the fixed term contract so can I seek recompense from the property management agency?







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Terminating property manager's contract

Parvez asks:

I have terminated my contract with a property manager as he was dishonest. It has come to my attention that he approached my tenant, told him the rent will increase to a very high amount and asked him to terminate the rental contract. What legal action can I take against him?

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Short term accommodation bonds

Thelma asks:

Through Holiday Homes on line I booked holiday accommodation for nine nights at $265.00 a night. It was confirmed and half the total was required as deposit which I duly paid $1192.50. No bond was mentioned or asked for.

Now we are due to head for our holiday and the owner is asking for the final payment (which I am happy to pay) - but also a $400 refundable bond! I have concerns about paying this bond, as there are no check or out, key left under the mat and neighbor contact is next door. It is only going to be his word against mine re any damage and I may never see my bond money!

What is the standing in these situations please? I run my own rental properties and the bond always goes to the tenancy tribunal. It all seems a very untidy situation, but easy money if they chose not to refund if I do pay.




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