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Letting fee problem

Ron asks:

A few days after looking at a rental property, the agent said "please pay now so we can secure the property and take it off advertising". We paid the letting fee to the agent. The agent sent us the agreement via email five days later. We didn't feel comfortable about the property and some parts of the agreement and decided against it. We did not sign the agreement.

At no stage was it ever explained to us prior to paying the letting fee that it was non refundable. I then got two emails, one from the agent and one from the rental business owner saying I would be liable for all rent until they find a tenant suitable to them. At no point was I made aware by anyone of any of these rules and clauses! This cannot be right or fair. What can I do?

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Carpet problems

Tarryn asks:

We are moving out of our rental unit and the property manager came and said she needs the carpet to be clean. We hired a carpet cleaning company to get it done. The manager came after the carpet cleaning and said she still not happy because the carpet was wet and smelt bad because it was done when our furniture was still inside the house. She said we might have to pay to replace new carpet. Do we have to do that because the carpet looks clean - there are no stains at all and it only smells wet?

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Keen tenants

Chieu asks:

Our Christchurch tenants have indicated they want to make our house their home long term. This fits perfectly with my plans.

They are enthusiastic and are buying plants, putting in a BBQ area and replacing a rotten weather board (that the builder missed when I had him replace a number of them). They have bought paint for a new timber front fence (which may twist and warp if left unpainted) and strengthened the garage truss to hang a boxing bag. They have also replaced the broken toilet roll holder.

I have no issues with what they are doing as they have asked first (except for replacing the toilet roll holder), but they refuse to accept any reimbursement for the work being carried out. I said to my wife that we should do something in return because they are adding immense value to the property. But I'm not sure how to approach it as we want to keep the relationship professional. Any advice?

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