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High power consumption

Nicola asks:

My tenant is complaining of high power bills ($250 to $300 per month) and is implying I should have the wiring of the house inspected. I bought the house a year ago and had a full building inspection carried out which showed no issue with wiring/electrical. I lived in the house for six months and didn't experience high power bills. I have already had a flow restrictor installed due to the tenant(s) (there are two tenants) having long showers and running the hot water cylinder out. The tenant has also been running the A/C from 'time to time'. Am I obliged to do anything further here?

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Liability for power tool costs

Jon asks:

We brought a two-storey property with tenants already in place. This property has a balcony which has a railing system that complies with the building code at the time that it was erected. Time has passed and it no longer complies with the current building code. My wife and I said that we would bring the railing up to the latest building code as the tenants have young children and safety is the main concern. The tenants have asked us to pay 50% of the monthly power bill as the contractors used the power to install the new rails. Can they do this?

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Tenancy contract breach costs

Craig asks:

I had a couple all keen to move into my Hamilton rental property. They signed a fixed term tenancy agreement for one year. After two weeks of delays with bond and advance, they asked for more time. I said sorry but no, I can't wait any longer and that they may be liable for my losses until new tenants are found. 

What is my position here? We lost three weeks rent, re-advertising costs and quite a bit of time chasing them up. Can I claim this from them? What should I do for lost rent, etc?


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