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Mr nice guy

Brian asks:

My tenant is behind in rent because of his partner's health issues and the related costs due to her not being a New Zealand citizen. He appeared to be a nice young man trying to get ahead so twice we agreed on a payment plan and I gave him rent relief. However he reneged on this so I then obtained an order from the Tenancy Tribunal where he agreed to a payment plan. Unfortunately he has only paid the first two weeks of this plan and I have had to enforced the order and a bailiff has undertaken the first step of providing the courts order to evacuate the tenancy. The tenant has now asked for four weeks further if he pays for the four weeks while he finds further work. He says if I don't do this he will use this money for the bond and first week's rent on another place and I "will only get $10 a week" from him. What rights do I have here? Please give me some advice on what actions I can take to recover the rent arrears? Many thanks.

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Massive damage under property manager

Kodi asks:

I live and work overseas and have a furnished apartment in NZ which was managed by a property manager. The property manager advised me of complaints from neighbours about smells. Upon inspection the property manager discovered the place completely trashed with stained carpet and ruined furniture and appliances. With filth and damage everywhere. The tenant was given notice but stopped paying rent and was evicted. Repairs are estimated at $15,000. The property was under a property manager for four years, same tenant with none of this reported to me. Is the manager liable for damages?

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Splitting power

Maggie asks:

I share a power meter with the flat next door and want to split it off to my property. How can I do this?

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