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Warning vs privacy

Nigel asks:

A tenant left my property owing $4000 in unpaid rent and damages. That tenant has now found a new property and I have found out the address. How can I find out the name of the new landlord, so that I can warn them about this tenant?

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Rising damp

Jae asks:

What can I do about an issue that keeps arising because of 'smell' related problem? We have a guest house at the back where the little building is situated on a slight slope when it rains the water surrounds it. This in turn causes the carpet inside to become moist and damp which then leads to the damp smell. The agent of the property has also accused me of smoking in doors because of this smell.

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Negligent property manager?

Melissa asks:

We hired a professional rental management company for our property while overseas for 15 months. We decided to rent partly furnished and decided to sell our property on our return to NZ. The tenant left two weeks after being offered the property and advised of sale. The agency returned the full bond on final inspection, but we have since found that our furniture was damaged/ vandalised and there was slight property damage that was not fixed properly.

We've expressed our concerns to the agent. But we have been told that we would have no leg to stand on if went to the Disputes Tribunal as the house was clean and tidy on their inspection - just the usual wear. However, we've asked for full detail reports and photos and still have not received them and we are being ignored via all correspondence.

Is there a legal right to dispute the agency was negligent in their management of our personal property. The agent keeps siding with the tenant (an ex-agent herself) - although we hired them and payed their fees to care for our belongings? 

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