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Property needs repairs!

Jennifer asks:

My flatmates and I moved into a property and found the condition of the property was dirty and untidy with several items needing to be fixed, which we listed on the property condition report. After back and forth emails, nothing has been fixed. We had our flat inspection and again we listed the problems on the maintenance form. I feel the cracked landing in the back of the house severely injured my leg. We are now going to the Tenancy Tribunal for repairs and loss of wages due to the accident. Do I have a strong case for getting the repairs fixed and receiving loss wages? The property is managed by a property management company, are they liable or is the owner responsible? When we sent them emails they kept saying they would forward to the owner? We are just trying to be prepared, even for a non favorable outcome.

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Considering selling

Sharareh asks:

I have recently signed a fixed term property management contract with a management firm. However, I am considering selling my property. Does my fixed agreement with the property manager create any problem with this and if so how I can address it?

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Property manager needed?

Ray asks:

I am moving to Australia for a two to three year project. I have a freehold home in New Zealand which I want to rent out while away to family. Do I need a property manager? What are my best options?

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