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Owner occupier time

Mark asks:

Is there a minimum time that I have to live in a property myself (paying 20% deposit) before I can move and rent the place out?

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Carpet cleaning pressure

Lynda-Marie asks:

I am a tenant and am moving house with same property management company. While I am quite happy having the carpets professionally cleaned at end of my tenancy, the property manager is insisting I use his recommended company. It is more expensive than the company I would like to use and my choice is used by several other property managers in the area. He will also not accept a portable carpet cleaner - only the $110,000 machine that his preferred company uses.

The carpets are not dirty as such. But we do have two cats so I am happy to have carpets cleaned. But where do I stand if, on inspection, I produce proof of cleaning and he will not accept it and insists that I have them cleaned again or have the cost of extra cleaning deducted from my bond?




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Property manager refusal

Nigel asks:

We are in the process of terminating our agreement with our property manager as we believe he is not acting in our best interests. We are moving to another property manager.

Despite several requests our current property manager refuses to supply us (as the owner) with a copy of the current tenancy agreement and contact details of the tenant. He advised us that "we have no choice in this matter and we have to accept it". He says he will only supply this information to our new property manager at a time closer to the termination of our agreement with him.

As our property manager does he have a legal obligation to supply us - as the owners - with this information?



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