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Maintenance during notice period

Chris asks:

The tenant gave three weeks notice and vacated after a week. The landlord entered the premises to paint and perform other maintenance. Is the tenant still liable for rent for the remaining two weeks of his notice period?

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Damaged wallpaper responsibility

helen asks:

The roof on the commercial property I lease has had numerous repairs over the last 12 months and this has caused extensive damage to the wallpaper. My landlord did call out a repair man on each occasion he was notified but the quick fix hasn't been a solution.

Initially, the landlord agreed to pay for the re wallpapering but reneged. He said I had to make a claim on my own insurance. I have stat and public liability but no contents insurance.

The landlord has done little maintenance to the building in 25 years and water leakages have affected most of the tenants in the six row of shops. On each occasion the landlord has said, 'should you have an issue through the failure of the building, you claim on your insurance who will then claim on ours'. This sounded rather odd seeing that the tenants pay the buildings insurance.

Can you tell me if the landlord is responsible?


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Replacing HRV filters

alan asks:

My property has been rented for approximately three months and the HRV system requires its filters to be changed. Should the replacement of these filters be a tenant or landlord cost?

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