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Negligent property manager?

Melissa asks:

We have recently finished renting out our house as it is up for sale. We have been dissatisfied with our agent that managed our property while we were overseas.

They emailed me saying they were happy with the property and refunded the bond to the tenant. I asked multiple questions about our furniture as it was rented partly furnished. We have since found damage to the property and the furniture.

In terms of the house, the agent says it is wear and tear. But they say they can not comment on the furniture and are backing the tenant. They cannot give me inspection reports or photos of the furniture and are ignoring my emails, calls, etc. But there's damage to goods and vandalised wood furniture.

I'm disheartened at paying their fees and having no support from them and I see them as being negligent. They tell me I can try the Tribunal but that I will likely lose as I have no proof. Is this not what they were meant to be documenting and managing? Do I have rights to seek compensation from the agent for negligence rather than chasing compensation from the tenant?

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Indemnity for property managers

Megan asks:

Our property mangers have failed in many areas of our rental management contract. Late and absent rent from their account, incorrect bond collected, failure to inspect (subsequent damage), failure to quote of repairs with many more dollars spent than agreed to in non emergency situations. We would like to take the case to disputes tribunal but we have noted the following clause in the small print of our contract:

"We as owners acknowledge that we indemnify the agent against all actions/claims/costs and expenses of any kind which may be taken or made against the agent or exercise of any powers,duties, or authorities contained in this management authority."

Does having signed up to the contract which includes this clause rule us out of taking this dispute to the tribunal? We are owed thousands of dollars. Or, as they were acting as our agents, do they have an obligation to act in our interests?


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Property management changeover

Calan asks:

I had my rental property with real estate company A (rent guaranteed contract) and they sold their rent roll to real estate Company B (during our contract period) while Company A still owed us some rent. Now Company B refuses to take over the contract we signed with Company A, and has asked us to sign a new contract with them - although they are actually managing the property for us now. Does Company B have to take over all the rights and obligations of Company A during the original contract period? Where do I stand ?

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