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Property management changeover

Calan asks:

I had my rental property with real estate company A (rent guaranteed contract) and they sold their rent roll to real estate Company B (during our contract period) while Company A still owed us some rent. Now Company B refuses to take over the contract we signed with Company A, and has asked us to sign a new contract with them - although they are actually managing the property for us now. Does Company B have to take over all the rights and obligations of Company A during the original contract period? Where do I stand ?

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Damp concerns

Kat asks:

We have let our high-end property on a fixed term contract of six months. It is the bottom flat of our house.

The tenants have been there seven weeks and have not used the appliances provided to keep the flat dry and moisture free. There is an extraction fan in the kitchen and the bathroom; a dehumidifier for a room that has no through draft; and a heat pump.

Instead they have been using the old open fire to heat the flat. At the beginning of the tenancy we said that this was for decorative purposes and could be used occasionally. We also said that the property needed to be fully aired, that there was a heat pump and that the dehumidifier was to be used.

We are very concerned that our property will get damp - eg: rugs, curtains, carpet, paintwork damage and also have smoke damage. We are also concerned that they have not used the dishwasher and that if it is not put into holiday mode it can damage the motor, as well as the heat pump filter being clogged with smoke dust. What can we do?

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Unreliable property manager

Sam asks:

I signed up with a local property management company in Palmerston North to manage my rental property. The agent is extremely unreliable in getting anything done or responding to e-mails.

I signed an agreement as per which I am supposed to give them three months notice. Is there any way I can cancel it with shorter notice considering that I am not really getting any value out of the arrangement?

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