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Deductibility of break fees

Karen asks:

Are mortgage break fees on the sale of a rental property deductible?

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Fixing garage doors

Stephanie asks:

My tenant claimed that the garage door was damaged when they were not at home. So who should pay to get it fixed? (The door is still ok to use, only a dent but could cause up to $800 to get it fixed)

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Establishing standard practice

Ajit asks:

I got a well known real estate agent to find a tenant and manage the property. The agent obtained a letting fee from the tenant but charged me for credit checks done on two prospective tenants. Is this correct?

Also, the agent wants me to pay the water bill and they will claim the expense from the tenant and pass back to me when the tenant reimburses. I feel the agent is trying to take a commission out of the money that the tenant will pay for the water bill. Is this standard practice? Can I ask the agent to inform the tenant to pay the water bill?

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